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Bald Cypress!

Callery Pear!

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If you love your local trees and would like to help enhance and preserve NYC's urban forests, the MillionTrees project of NYC provides great opportunities for volunteers to plant trees and help with general plant upkeep in the city. Go check them out here!

Japanese Pagoda Tree!

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The New York City Parks service has created a wonderful interactive map of all the trees that have been planted citywide. You can check it out here and see what kinds of trees surround your neighborhood, the measured ecological benefits they provide, and report care and concerns.

Littleleaf Lindon!
London Planetree!

Pin Oak!

Count around Columbia: 24

Height: 40-60 ft tall

Native to: China and Korea (weirdly, not Japan...)

Allergy rating: mild

Fun fact: One historic Japanese pagoda tree, the Guilty Chinese Scholartree in Beijing, is the tree from which the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Chongzhen, hung himself. On a happier note, the tree is fundamental to Chinese medicine.


Count around Columbia: 4

Height: 35-120 ft

Native to: southeastern United States

Allergy rating: moderate, but not common

Fun fact: The bald cypress is the official state tree of Louisiana and many consider it a symbol of the southern swamps of the United States.


Count around Columbia: 78

Height: 16-26 ft tall

Native to: China, Vietnam (invasive)

Allergy rating: mild

Fun fact: Prized for making woodwind instruments.


Count around Columbia: 55

Height: 66-98 ft tall

Native to: North America between Texas and Pennsylvania

Allergy rating: Mild

Fun fact: Long a favorite for making fenceposts.


Count around Columbia: 25

Height: 66-130 ft tall

Native to: much of Europe and Western Asia (invasive)

Allergy rating: Was nominated "allergen of the month" so that can't be good...

Fun fact: National tree of the Czech Republic and used to be used to make shields (it was referenced for this purpose in Beowulf)


Count around Columbia: 45

Height: 59-72 ft tall

Native to: eastern and central United States (native)

Allergy rating: severe

Fun fact: Also known as the swamp Spanish oak, this tree is a favorite in the U.K., once earning the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.


Count around Columbia: 28

Height: 66-98 ft tall

Native to:'s a hybrid between a native sycamore and non-native Asian plane tree and is essentially a city tree across the world

Allergy rating: mild (though many have long misdiagnosed it as the cause of their hay fever)

Fun fact: London planetrees are the most common street trees in New York City.


Count around Columbia: 166

Height: 66-115 ft tall

Native to: China

Allergy rating: severe

Fun fact: Ginko trees are living fossils; dating back 270 million years, these trees used to be eaten by dinosaurs! If you desire further proof of their tenacity, know that six Ginko trees were among the few living things 1-2km from the 1945 atomic bomb drop at Hiroshima to survive the blast.

Thornless Honey Locust!
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