The "Education Leadership Data Analytics Summit" Event

Documentation of the Smith Learning Theater event on June 8, 2018

About this Rhizr
About this Rhizr
Chronology of Events
1:15pm - Doors Open
1:30pm - Welcome and Icebreaker
1:50pm - Quick Talks
3:10pm - Break
3:20pm - Charting Activity
4:15pm - Gallery Walk
4:30pm - Shareouts
4:45pm - Closing Remarks
Social Media and Outreach
NLT Pieces
TC Coverage
External Outreach
Additional Materials
Beat Sheet
Top Photos
About the Event
A Word From Our Sponsors
About the Education Leadership Data Analytics Research Group
Event Description
Quick Talk Speakers
Key Features
He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake.
How many people can you fit into one Learning Theater?
And now we're live.
And more!
Learning Theater Layout
Reception Area
Group Working Stations
The Stage
Break Spaces