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Boston Latin School Is Founded, April 23rd, 1635
Congress Adopts the Stars & Stripes, June 14th, 1777
Remembering Benjamin Franklin, April 17th, 1790
The 10th Amendment Is Ratified, December 15th, 1791
Happy Birthday, John Dewey!, October 20th, 1859
Happy Birthday, James Barrie!, May 9th, 1860
William Heard Kilpatrick Is Born, November 20th, 1871
Mary Swartz Rose Is Born, October 31st, 1874
Remembering Margarethe Schurz, March 15th, 1876
Patty Smith Hill Is Born, March 27th, 1876
Leta Hollingworth Is Born, May 25th, 1886
Hull House Opens, September 18th, 1889
Pledge of Allegiance Is First Used in Public Schools, October 12th, 1892
Founders Day at Teachers College, November 15th, 1894
Plessy versus Ferguson, May 18th, 1896
Barrel Ride Down Niagara, October 24th, 1901
Prohibition Becomes Law, January 16th, 1919
First Newbery Medal, June 27th, 1922
Gershwin Plays Rhapsody in Blue, February 12th, 1924
Citizen Kane Is Released, May 1st, 1941
Gandhi Is Assassinated, January 30th, 1948
The Great Smog, December 4th, 1952
Watson and Crick Decipher DNA, February 28th, 1953
Academy Awards Airs on NBC, March 19th, 1953
Children Receive First Polio Vaccine, February 23rd, 1954
Integration at Central High, Little Rock, September 25th, 1957
Sputnik Is Launched, October 4th, 1957
Engel v Vitale, April 3rd, 1962
Elementary-Secondary Education Act, April 11th, 1965
International Literacy Day, September 8th, 1966
Apollo 8 Launches to the Moon, December 21st, 1968
Sesame Street Debuts, November 10th, 1969
Roe v Wade, January 22nd, 1973
World Environment Day, June 5th, 1974
Violence Over School Busing in Boston, September 12th, 1974
Education for All Handicapped Children's Act, November 30th, 1975
Dial-a-President Radio Program, March 5th, 1977
First Free Flight, February 7th, 1984
The Euro Debuts, January 4th, 1999
No Child Left Behind, January 8th, 2002
Common Core Is Launched, June 1st, 2009
Summer Solstice, June 21st, 2018
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